Reflecting on the School Year

As we move into May, things begin to shift from the school year calendar to summer programing for many programs.  This shift is quick, often with the school year ending on a Friday and the summer program beginning the following Monday.  Whether you are busy planning summer curriculum for children or preparing for a summer break, it is important to remember to take time this month to reflect on the events that took place over the last few months.

Here are just a few questions that may help guide your reflection:

  • What did the children specifically enjoy about the classroom or curriculum this year?
  • What elements of the classroom or curriculum did not engage the children?
  • How well did I get to know the families in the program this year?
  • How was I able to use what I learned about children and families to my advantage?
  • What information about children and families would have made my job easier?
  • What challenged me most this year?
  • What information or strategy would have helped me be more successful?
  • Which of my coworkers can I count on for support?
  • Which of my coworkers count on me for support?
  • How has my relationship with members of leadership grown over the past few months?

Based on the answers to these questions, you can begin to create a plan to improve your practice and relationships with children, families, coworkers, and members of leadership.  You might determine that you need to take some additional professional development to support this growth.  In other cases, you may need to devise a plan to improve your communication with family members in the new school year.

As always, CCEI is here to help you.  Consider taking some of the following courses related to these reflections:

  • PROF104 – Reflective Practices in Early Childhood Settings
  • SOC107 – Building Social and Emotional Competence
  • CEII3022 – Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • PROF103 – Strategies for Success in Challenging Conversations