September 2018 Newsletter – Mindful Classrooms: Infant and Toddler Activity Ideas

Caregivers can introduce basic mindfulness practices to infants and toddler through their own actions and responses.

  • When comforting an upset child, hold the child close and take deep breaths. Exaggerate your breathing so that the movement transfers to the body of the child. Make your breaths audible as well, in the form of a light, calming hum or sigh.
  • Before beginning an activity, take two or three deep breaths. Say something like, “Ok. My body and mind are ready to read the story.”  Encourage older toddlers to do the same, but do not force it.
  • When you are experiencing frustration, take a moment to stop, acknowledge how you are feeling, out loud, and take a few deep breaths. Say, “Sometimes I need to stop, take a deep breath, and start over.”
  • When children show signs of frustration or other emotion, attempt to identify the emotion and encourage children to also breathe deeply. This practice will help children develop their emotional vocabulary and feel the benefits of deep breathing.

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