September 2018 Student Spotlight – Paula Piacenti

I began doing family childcare 19 years ago. I felt I needed to be home for my two girls who were 3 and 12 at the time.  I currently live in Adams, Massachusetts.  I love to mountain bike, road bike, kayak, hike, read and quilt.  I also love learning about new places and foods.

This is such a wonderful job. I get to do the things I love and teach these wonderful children all kinds of fun stuff.  I am so lucky every day to have such wonderful children to play with, teach and learn from.  Who can argue with hugs and love all day. I can take them hiking and exploring. Pretend to be fairies or pirates.  And with the size of our sandbox we can just put in our toes and pretend we are on the beach.  It’s a wonderful job!

I love story and circle time with the children. Right now we love outside time. We are developing our garden for the summer and like to watch it grow and even eat from it. This year we are trying to develop a butterfly garden with milkweed we got from a local group. We are also trying potatoes again this year in boxes.  It’s our third year and last year was our first crop of potatoes.

I think that they love story and music time but outside time is what it’s all about. We have a mud kitchen and an 8 ft. x 16 ft. sand box.  If they aren’t playing in there, they are relaxing in our yoga/fairy house watching the clouds go by.  I love it when it clicks.   Like when the potty training works and we get to celebrate that huge milestone together.  When they absorb all these things we are learning and their faces light up when they tell me or share with their parents.

I first participated in CCEI classes when I was getting my CDA and our supporting agency purchased the classes for us. I completed almost every class there is to offer so that I had what I needed for my CDA.

I would absolutely recommend CCEI to anyone. I love their classes. I can complete them at my pace and at my free time and go back to them if I need to leave for any reason.  I think CCEI’s classes are a great value. There are so many topics to pick from.