September 2019 Newsletter – Investing in New Employees: Effective Onboarding Experiences

One of the most important elements of a successful business is the staff and its ability to meet the needs of the clients or customers.  This is true for virtually every organization, including child care programs, which count on their employees to maintain a safe environment, support the development of each child, and build strong relationships with families. There are so many specific skills that early childhood educators must possess to accomplish these tasks.  Some of these skills are easy to learn and reproduce, such as the proper steps to handwashing.  Other skills take many years of practice to master. 

In order to ensure that every employee is set up for success, early learning programs need to spend time reflecting upon and making enhancements to their onboarding procedures.  Onboarding procedures include all of the direct instruction, coaching, and teachable moments that occur during a new staff member’s first few months of employment.

This month, we will explore a number of best practices related to onboarding. Some of these practices may require extra time and energy be spent with new employees.  The goal of investing in new employees in this way is to reduce the number of times you need to conduct onboarding throughout the year.  Effective onboarding means that the people you hire have the tools and guidance they need to remain successfully employed at your program.

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