September 2019 Student Spotlight – Natalie Taylor

I began my career in early childhood as a summer job at the age of 16 at a local childcare facility. After being in retail for about a year, I felt a deep need to help take care of others again and went back to work in childcare and have been loving it ever since.

My favorite time of the day to spend with the children is morning circle time, to see them grasping the information is very rewarding. Watching them grow and develop social and cognitive skills. I enjoy witnessing when the children engage in free play and bring along the knowledge learned during circle time. Other than circle time, I enjoy the teachable moments that are not given a scheduled time. As an early childcare provider, I can work and play at the same time. There aren’t too many jobs that allow you to do that. Outdoor playground time creates a new learning experience and opens up more doors for learning opportunities with the children.

The children enjoy their creative activities since it allows them to freely express themselves. Seeing how they interpret art into their own by adding their own twist and story line is always enjoyable. Knowing that I can have a positive impact in their development is motivating. When I see the children making improvements in their behavior, it makes what I do extremely rewarding and it is the best feeling in the world.

I currently reside in Winter Garden, FL but I am originally from sunny Miami. When I’m not engaged in school work, I usually entertain myself by playing word games, catching up on my favorite animes, and reading books and articles pertaining to social justice. Beginning in the Fall 2019, I will be starting the master’s program at Florida Atlantic University within their College of Arts and Letters. In the future, I see myself as a professor educating others on subjects that affect society. I will be working towards my doctorate in sociology and hopefully after that I will obtain my juris doctorate to be able to pursue law and fight for social justice amongst children and families.

With ChildCare Education Institute, I have completed multiple courses that have helped me reach my certification each year and I am currently working on more coursework with CCEI to meet my annual certification requirements for 2019. CCEI provides excellent coursework and information that professionals in early childhood education can readily apply in the classroom. They have educated me on how to understand and properly address each individual child’s emotional needs correctly. I also appreciate the quick responses given when I had any comments and concerns. For anyone who wants to receive more knowledge in early childhood education, I would highly recommend courses with ChildCare Education Institute.