September 2022 Newsletter – Early Engineering

Early Engineering

In this month’s newsletter, we will explore all things engineering. Our goal is to encourage engineering explorations with children of all ages. Why are we doing such a thing? Because engineers are the designers and builders of society. They are responsible for designing machines, bridges, buildings, roads, power grids, and in our modern era, even technology solutions.

NextGenScience defines engineering as the systematic and often iterative approach to designing objects, processes, and systems to meet human needs and wants.

The world will always need engineers and as technology advances, new opportunities for engineering and design arise. Getting kids excited about engineering now will ensure that there will be plenty of engineering-minded thinkers in the future.

Engineering aligns with what research tells us about how children learn best. The word engineer(ing) is related to the words engine and ingenious, which come from the Latin word ingenerare, meaning to create.

Building, designing, and creating are some of the most engaging activities for children.

Engineering activities provide opportunities for children to collaborate, problem-solve, and think critically about a variety of topics. If there is one new area of exploration that you add to your program this school year, it should be engineering. We hope you will find the information in this edition of the newsletter helpful in your journey.


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