Student Spotlight – Marilyn Colella

I began my career in early childhood by substitute teaching in the nursery school my daughter, Katie, was going to when she was 3. When she was 4, the Director asked me if I wanted to work full time.

My favorite time of the day is when the children arrive in the morning. They do their morning work at their seats. I like this time because they are excited when they come to school to start the day. Motivation for me is watching the children grow and develop new skills. I most enjoy teaching the children to read and write. It’s amazing how much they learn in 10 months. The boys love to play basketball. They even have me on a team with them. The girls love the dramatic play center. They love to play house.

I currently live in Pleasantville, New York. My mom is in a nursing facility and I visit her every day. My daughter, Katie, is 15-years-old and she is a competitive gymnast. I take her to practice every day, go to her competitions, and I’m active at her gym.

I just finished my CDA renewal with CCEI and sent in all my paperwork to the Council of Professional Recognition to renew my CDA. I would like to continue my education and receive further CCEI coursework and credentials in the future. I would recommend CCEI to my co-workers and friends.

It’s amazing to see how the children start the school year eager to learn. By the end of the year, the children all grow in height and in their ability to read, write, and express themselves. I plan to continue working in the nursery school setting to help children learn and grow.