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Listen to Testimonials from Early Childhood Education Professionals

Jaime Rechkemmer

Vice President of Education

Michael Gonzalez

Area Director, Kids R Kids
Houston, TX

Michael Gonzalex Testimonial

I’ve been in the profession for 10 years and have done self-paced training in the past that was easy to skip through. I was worried that completing it online wouldn’t be as great, but I didn’t feel that way about CCEI.

When I took their courses for my CDA program, the interface was friendly, thorough and easy to digest. Every part of it was engaging and I learned new, relevant information. The reflective exercises were also helpful. I instantly got a certificate for each module I completed.

I highly recommend CCEI’s courses to other educators.

Enola Garland

Executive Director of the Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children (COAEYC)

 I have worked in the early childhood education field for over 15 years and am currently a center director. CCEI is by far the best option for me and my staff for meeting our state required training needs. The flexibility to be able to take courses any time is invaluable to me. My staff can take courses at school or at home 24/7. The cost is by far the most reasonable around. The personal service is incredible from the first sales contact to technical support to personal education coaches we have had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend the CCEI program to any center director looking to provide the highest quality training options for their staff at the best price.

Shoshannah Jonathan

Primrose School of Suwanee West, Sugar Hill, GA

Hannah Williams

Director, Seeds of Wonder Journey School
Roswell, GA

Hannah Williams Testimonial

JuNene K.


JeNene K Testimonial

Elise Allie

Co-Owner, A Touch of Home (ATH) Child Care
Kalamazoo, MI

Elsie ALlie Testimonial

Carolyn Filippo

Director of Curriculum, Crème de la Crème
Marietta, GA

Carolyn Fillipo Testimonial

Queen Jones

Teacher, The Clifton School 
Atlanta, GA

Queen Jones Testimonial

Jody L. Martin

Industry Expert
Greenwood Village, CO

Jodie Martin Testimonial

 CCEI is an excellent early childhood educational program. I would recommend this program to any and all that need certification.

Tammie Bembery
Share Head Start, Greenville, SC

I love the ease of online learning and moving at my own pace. CCEI gave me that opportunity! I recommend CCEI to everyone who is looking for an online program.

Karan Hiester

ELCFV One, Edgewater, FL

CCEI opened up my eyes to a lot of new opportunities on how to work with young children and make my classroom a fun and safe learning environment. The courses were organized and the staff very helpful and quick to answer any of my questions. Overall, the experience was a rewarding one.

Meghann Budnick

Colchester, CT

CCEI delivers a program that is simple to use and relates directly to my job. I’ve learned important skills and use them in my day to day program.

Robin Heit

Brookfield, CT

This was one of the best things I have ever done! CCEI is the second distance learning center I have used and it is by far the best. The website is user friendly and the staff are very supportive!!

Heather Shugart

The Village Academy South, Saint Augustine, FLL

CCEI helped me work towards achieving my goals as a childcare provider. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the field. I was very impressed with this program!.

Elizabeth Ortiz

Bright Beginnings in Queens Village Inc., Elizabeth Ortiz

 I would like to express my appreciation to the Childcare Education Institute (CCEI) for all that you do to help Child Care Professionals. The training courses, such as the Director’s Certificate and the Child Development Associate Programs are only a few that are offered that we have used. Because the courses are online and self paced, it has been convenient in assisting our training department with helping staff achieve their Early Childhood credentials. I have been impressed by the way the Childcare Education Institute staff goes above and beyond to make sure that our Early Childhood Education Professionals are taken care of and have reached their goals. I highly recommend Childcare Education Institute to any individual or organization interested in expanding their educational training needs.

Fran Jones, Staff Development Specialist, Rural Family Development Virginia Migrant Head Start

 I found these classes to be exactly what I needed. I was a new mom at home questioning if I wanted to open a daycare. These classes not only convinced me but gave me the tools I need to support my family.

Erika Sorenson, Saint Johns, MI

 CCEI provides a comprehensive course of study to meet all learning needs. I have enjoyed taking programs such as the CDA and The Director’s Credential Renewal.

Sharon Piggott, Broward Children’s Center Preschool, North Lauderdale, FL

quote CCEI by far has been positive, motivational and highly educational. I would recommend this program of study to anyone who needs training in the CDA field. Thank you, CCEIquote

Doris Brenner, Nature’s Nursery School at Green Chimneys, Patterson, NY

quoteI liked the feedback provided by the instructor. It was good to know that what I wrote was actually being read and asked to redo when my work was sloppy and not up to par.quote

Ifie Omiela, First Step Learning Center, Smyrna, GA

quoteThe CCEI program over all was excellent. the registration process was easy and I was quickly registered for the program. The information included was very informative and very well explained. I was very pleased with the multiple programs that are offered and I will encourage our staff to take a look at the programs and enroll in them.quote

Joy Pederson, Alpha Baptist Child Development Center, Jefferson City, TN

quoteI enjoyed my experience and felt the program was informative.quote

Jennifer Weichers, Kenosha, WI

quoteI was very satisfied with the CCEI Special Needs Certificate program – I gained a lot of knowledge, it was easily accessed and time allowed for study and completion was great! I also liked how the individual sections allowed for returning to content if needed and that you could print your certificates for each individual content topic after completion- this gave a sense of accomplishment and reward for completion.Thank you CCEI!” quote

Carri Jump, Family Resources, Murphy, NC

quoteI think all child care providers should take the CCEI Online CDA coursework to help them become more knowledgeable in childcare! quote

Paula Derflinger, Croton, OH

quote Easy to sign up, and the courses are laid out amazingly. So easy to learn, and very educational. I look forward to applying everything I’ve learned here in my own child care center! quote

Taylor Helm, Placentia Yorba Linda Unified, La Habra, CA

quote CCEI Is wonderful. The courses are painless! What makes it even better is my job pays for it! AWESOME! quote

Champale Butler, Childcare Network, Oklahoma City, OK

quote CCEI was easy to use and allowed me to work on my CDA at my own pace. I could work as fast or as slow as I needed to based on my work schedule. quote

Victoria Hutchison, Ladson, SC

quote I really liked this online course for marketing I think every director should take something like this. It really did help me to think about how to market my program and help me to define the areas I needed to strengthen. Also, it is extremely user friendly as well as convenient. I really liked that I could do this at my own pace in my own defined time frame, as a very busy administrator that was really important. quote

Dexter Smith, CCC Truman Child Development Center, Chicago, IL

quote CCEI provided training that helped me to become a better educator, and offered me a chance to build my course work schedule abound my work and family obligations. The course work was relevant and challenging, and I feel better able to meet the needs of the children in my care with what I’ve learned in the course. quote

Rhonda Richoux, J.F. Gauthier Elementary, St. Bernard, LA

quote CCEI provides an excellent, meaningful, and relevant training program for working professionals. I am extremely happy with my experience and have learned so much that I apply to my daily work. quote

Melissa Brown, Desert Montessori School, Sante Fe, NM

quoteCCEI is the best on line training program I have experienced.quote

Alistan Buchanan, Frederick Douglas Head Start, New York, AL

quote The technical department was very patient and courteous and so was my education coach. My computer skills were limited and I received excellent service to accomplish my goal. I thank everyone involved. I am very appreciative! quote

Maria Villarreal, Brownsville, TX

quote I highly recommend this CDA course because it is extremely informative and has the most current information on early childhood education. quote

Karen Haimovitz, Kiddie Academy, Sellersville, PA

quote I am so thankful that I was able to enroll and complete my CDA renewal online with your institute. I found the program to be easy to use and well informative. My coach was great in making sure I knew how well I was doing and that they noticed my progress. I also appreciated the quick responses to my emails regarding my questions or concerns. I felt that the courses were well organized and had great assessment questions and handouts. I also like being able to print out certificate of completion. I had a sense of pride that I sat down, read, answered questions and got a paper saying ‘YOU DID IT!’ I also liked that it told my how many days I had left to work on courses and how many I completed each day. I had a great experience.quote

Eleanor Alusik, Children’s Corner, Three Bridges, NJ

quote I like this program; it was easy to follow and I was able to work at my pace. I learned a lot about why we do certain things and I also am more aware of the process and maintenance it takes to have a successful program. quote

Evelyn Ledesma, Keeler Migrant Head Start, Hartford, MI

quote My education coach is the best!!! Her main focus was to make sure I succeeded in my studies… She motivated me and thanks to her I successfully completed my courses. Thank you!! quote

Dominique Polynice, La Petite Academy, Orlando, FL

quoteI received very helpful information. The coaches are very helpful as well.quote

Delia Lara, La Petite Academy, Tucson, AZ

quoteCCEI was a great experience for me. They really worked with me on all levels to make sure I completed the program. I would recommend them to everyone.quote

Samantha Robbins, Webster, MA

quoteI had an excellent experience. I learned a lot of new and interesting things about childcare that I did not know before. I have shared a lot of it with my parents in my classroom and they were thankful to know these things. I would definitely recommend this course to someone who wanted to work with children.quote

Rachel Reed, PREP Day Care, Derby, NY

quoteCCEI opened up my eyes to a lot of new opportunities on how to work with young children and make my classroom a fun and safe learning environment. The courses were organized and the staff was very helpful and quick to answer any of my questions. Overall, the experience was a rewarding one. quote

Meghann Budnick, Dolphin Days, Colchester, CT

quote I found the program to be great; my advisors were very knowledgeable and friendly.quote

Patricia Kirby, First Baptist Church Preschool, Bridgewater, NJ

quote It was a great experience to be part of CCEI. I will be coming back to do my CDA soon. Thank you for doing such a great job in training me and giving me valuable information.quote

Suyapa Sanchez, Midland, GA

quote I really enjoyed my experience with CCEI. I am able to bring more knowledge into the child care field. I feel better prepared to handle conflicts with peers and parents. I definitely enjoyed taking advantage of the Maryland Credential Program and I will be referring my friends to CCEI.quote

Tenika Christian, Aiming for the Stars, Baltimore, MD

quote I really enjoyed taking courses through CCEI. Everything was really self-explanatory and helpful. Thank YOU.quote

Lorena Vargas, Centro de la Familia, Logan, UT

quote I had an excellent experience with CCEI and I will definitely return soon for professional development.quote

Cecelia Kindelan, Reston, VA

quote This program was very educational and provided me with the needed information in a way that was convenient for my schedule and needs.quote

Krista Eves, Fort Wayne, IN

quoteCCEI provided a great learning experience for me!quote

Ethgenia Dudley, Kids R Kids, Austell, GA

quoteI learned quite a few things while reading and doing my online sessions. I enjoyed these courses, and I would recommend them to my friends. Thank you.quote

Diana Petry, Wheatley School of ECP, Port Arthur, TX

quoteI have learned a lot of useful information by taking this course and will certainly apply it in my classroom.quote

Joann Marrone, Tutor Time Learning Care Center, Montauk, NY

quoteIt was easy to register for courses and completing coursework was convenient to my schedule. I finished in half the time that I expected. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get an education in early childhood.quote

Nuvia Ramires-Hernandez, RCMA Crescent City CDC, Crescent City, FL

quoteThis was the toughest year of my life. I am a mom of two young children, work full time, and went through a very trying year. There were so many times that I thought, ‘There is no way I can do this. There is no way I can finish this,’ but with support of family friends, and CCEI employees, I was able to!quote

Kelsey Phillips, Cumming, GA

quoteI would like to say that I have learned so much new material and great ideas that I am looking forward to using in my classroom. I LOVE my teacher and would recommend her to anyone. She wrote me and talked to me on a regular basis over the last few months. She made me feel like I knew her on a personal basis. I loved the experience that I have gained in these courses.quote

Alicia Jackson, Castle of Imagination, Dover, FL

quoteI learned a lot of new things. I had an awesome experience and I would recommend this school to anyone. I absolutely recommend my teacher to EVERYBODY!!quote

Helena Twyne, Castle of Imagination, Brandon, FL

quoteIt was a great experience and all the materials were clear.quote

Alisia Baker, Peter Pan Day Care, Orlando, FL

quoteCCEI is a wonderful online school. This is my first time with an online school and I was very happy and satisfied. Thank you for a wonderful experience.quote

Tracey Dragotta, Carousel School, West Babylon, NY

quoteI have really enjoyed CCEI. It has helped me to further my career in early childhood education. It was very simple and easy to follow. Thank you for providing such great services and being flexible with each student.quote

Samantha Knight, Lawrenceville, GA

quoteThe CCEI CDA program was easy to enroll, begin and complete. I was able to complete the courses on my time, which was a major influence in my decision to do the online courses through CCEI. With the recent Bright from the Start rule of all caregivers needing a CDA, I have encourage all my fellow co-workers to use the CCEI CDA program!quote

Jennifer Agnew, Challenged Child & Friends, Oakwood, GA

quoteI enjoyed taking the course and I learned a lot.quote

Nikinya Beal, Jasper Early Head Start, Jasper, FL

quoteI enjoyed this self-paced course, and I would do it all over again if I had to. Thanks again!!!quote

Joan White, Kid’s Klubhouse, Orange Park, FL

quoteI thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I could go online at anytime and do my courses. My educational coach was GREAT!! Every time I needed assistance she was quick to respond and help me. I would and will recommend CCEI to everyone!quote

Victoria Barrett, Jacksonville, FL

quoteI feel this program was well designed and easy to understand. I achieved a great deal with this program. I have new views and am excited about the new ideas I have because of this course. I told my licensing rep this is a great program.quote

Kristi Ketchum, Candy Cane Corner Child Care, Hewitt, TX

quoteI am so happy that I found this. CCEI thank you for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a Director and I am so proud of myself. Thank You.quote

Rebecca Natal, Miles Ahead Learning Complex, Nolanville, TX

quoteVery simple and easy to understand. I recommend to others.quote

Bobby Roberts, Lyerly, GA

quoteMy experience with CCEI was excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed the program, and found it very informative and easy to use. I will definitely be recommending it to my co-workers! Thank you!” quote

Stacie Smith, International Preschools, Rex, GA

quote The course was easy to take and so accessible from home or work! I loved it and look forward to taking more classes! quote

Carrie Hoerig, Shining Stars Daycare Center, Jourdanton, TX

quoteCCEI coursework gave me the manageability that I needed to obtain my credentials. I work ten to twelve hour days and the flexibility and staff support made it possible for me to finish. I enjoyed and recommend the CDA program.quote

Pauline Henry, Columbus, GA


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