Supporting Children and Families Who Have Experienced Trauma

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This course explores the developmental impacts of different types of family trauma, from parent incarceration, family separation and military deployment, to domestic violence, addiction, and loss of a loved one. Participants will learn ways, based on current brain research, to structure support for children and families who have experienced trauma. Specific classroom strategies and parent resources are also provided.

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98 reviews for Supporting Children and Families Who Have Experienced Trauma

  1. Alexa HARLINGEN, TX

    Great training

  2. Janet SALEM, OR

    I enjoyed this course. Much of it was a refresher. I have been teacher for almost 40 years. What was interesting in this course was that I was able to identify for myself the trauma in my childhood and how it affected me an my 4 siblings. I went through years of counseling to be the healthier person that I am today. I am still married to the man I married in 1982. Those early years, involved a lot of anguish. I appreciated this course more on a personal note. Thank you for the easy read and informative class.

  3. Karla PUKWANA, SD

    good information

  4. Deborah OKLAHOMA, OK

    Very informative!


    I love your thoroughly informative and relevant topics

  6. William SALISBURY, MD

    I liked the list of books to have on hand that go along with various traumatic events that could be going on in your students lives.

  7. Rebecca SALISBURY, MD

    This is a great course!

  8. Debbie HOUSTON, TX

    I really learned a lot of information from this course that was very informative .


    Very informational

  10. Adriana AUSTIN, TX


  11. Martha GREENCASTLE, IN

    Thanks for the recommendation of a related course!

  12. Ellie MILWAUKIE, OR

    I am enjoying the classes so much!

  13. Jeanette HUMBLE, TX

    Awesome course.


    great course!

  15. Kaly ELMHURST, NY

    I enjoyed this course

  16. Michelle ELMHURST, NY

    Enjoyed this course, very helpful!


    I really enjoyed this training. Very helpful!

  18. Anca HONOLULU, HI

    I really enjoyed the course

  19. Petra SIMI VALLEY, CA

    I have not taken any classes in a long time and I feel inspired to take more classes

  20. Qun SALEM, CT

    Like the accessibility of the courses.

  21. Janice DUNCAN, OK

    Was very informative course. Very easy to understand and I learned different things to help children and their families.

  22. Eve NEW YORK, NY

    I thought the information was easy to absorb and put into practice.

  23. suzanne NEWINGTON, CT

    I have enjoyed all of the courses I have taken and have found very useful information.

  24. Linda MARION, TX

    I really enjoyed learned about childhood trauma

  25. Mildred AVENEL, NJ

    I am more equipped to recognize some trauma signs.I understand that it is my responsibility to help children when noticed .

  26. Evelyn EAST ORANGE, NJ

    Great course. It has refresh my mind.

  27. Marilyn JERSEY CITY, NJ

    Excellent course

  28. Debbie WOODRUFF, SC

    These course was extremely informative and valuable.

  29. Betty ESSEX, NJ

    This training was very informative. Very helpful ideas to use in the classroom also.

  30. Jennifer BROOKLYN, NY

    very good information I will use when dealing with the kids and pay more attention to their actions and ask necessary questions to help in any situation

  31. Michelle ROUND ROCK, TX

    This was a very good training.

  32. Janice NEW HAVEN, CT

    This was a great course and I really enjoyed it.


    Very good information in this course for staff and families.

  34. Mary NEW HAVEN, CT

    Great eye opener and information.

  35. Jacqueline PHOENIX, AZ


  36. Clarissa GLEN BURNIE, MD

    It is very informative , all information can help me to deal with children and families experiencing trauma.

  37. Victoria SALISBURY, MD

    I enjoyed this course and all the information provided. It was easy to navigate and am excited to complete more courses through this site. Thank you!

  38. Denise BEDFORD, PA

    This training was very interesting

  39. Renee BIRMINGHAM, AL

    I love learning things about kids and why they act the way they do it’s very interesting.

  40. Kimberly DERBY, CT

    Thank you for this course it helped a lot !!!

  41. Diana OAKVILLE, CT

    This was a wonderful course, well designed and I learned so much on helping children and families.

  42. mark BRANFORD, CT

    I felt as though this particular course dealing with children and families who have experienced trauma was extremely informative and well-constructed to get its points across and successfully educate the learner.

  43. egle NORWICH, CT

    The information will be useful working with my students

  44. rachelle LISBON, CT

    Content flowed easily. Test was comparable to notes taken.

  45. Sandy PITMAN, NJ

    I thought this course was extremely interesting I think probably many adults as you’re reading this Can possibly relate to this a little bit I know I did


    Very informative course

  47. Vivian AUBURN, GA

    Information was really great.

  48. Sharon CASTLE ROCK, CO

    It is important to teach children emotional vocabulary so that they can express how they feel

  49. Almeda VIOLA, AR

    this course was very interesting. I learned some stuff that i didn’t know.

  50. Brittney NORTH HAVEN, CT

    I really liked the percentages they gave to show the impact on family and children.


    great eye opening information

  52. Rick PHILA, PA

    Thank you for this training, the information was really useful.

  53. Sharon AUBURN, GA

    great course

  54. Laura LEANDER, TX

    It makes me a better educated teacher

  55. Jennifer DONIPHAN, MO

    it was very informative

  56. linda THOMASTON, CT

    This course was timely a d extremely beneficial

  57. Mary HENDERSON, KY

    I personally have experienced trauma in my life. I wish i had been offered any of these skills to better cope and healthy development.

  58. Maria RYE BROOK, NY

    This course help me understand the importance of supporting children with trauma.

  59. Jean LAONA, WI

    I appreciate the ability and opportunity to take online courses that are related to my field from my work or at home.

  60. Chantel COLUMBUS, OH

    Very informative course

  61. Kelly BALTIMORE, MD

    Love CCEI trainings! very user friendly

  62. Lakisha WARREN, MI

    Great information


    Great info!

  64. Allison SAGAMORE, MA

    great training

  65. sara MANCHESTER, CT

    I really appreciate these courses, they really make me reflect on how I want to teach.

  66. Ramona BRIDGEPORT, CT

    I really found this training to be very insightful.


    This course was one of the best, very helpful and informative.

  68. alliesha HARTFORD, CT

    great information

  69. Destiny SMITHVILLE, OH

    These are good trainings that really teach a lot and help you learn thoughout the course

  70. Francis LINCOLNWOOD, IL

    It was a very interesting course


    Yes I have recommended to a fellow friend

  72. Mary NORWALK, CT

    Great course that provided with a lot of tips and resourses

  73. Carol CHESHIRE, CT

    Very comprehensive

  74. Donna SAN ANGELO, TX

    This training was very interesting.

  75. Patty MEDWAY, MA

    geat experience

  76. Sherita CLINTON, MD

    Great class and it helped me as I had traumatic experiences in my life.


    Very informative

  78. Myra GAMBRILLS, MD

    With the crisis going on in present time, I needed the course.

  79. mayra MERIDEN, CT

    I enjoyed the content.

  80. Betty VENICE, FL


  81. King CHICAGO, IL


  82. Deyanira SUN VALLEY, CA

    Is a great experience and confortable , for me , to take the training at home ! Please continuing with this accessible way .Thank you !


    This was a class that taught me to think more deeply about trauma.

  84. Lori WINTER PARK, FL

    great info thank you

  85. pamela HARWINTON, CT

    Content was awesome

  86. Rafiqah BETHESDA, MD

    Enjoyed this course very much i need this in my everyday life at school right knoe.

  87. Barbara BALTIMORE, MD

    This course has allowed me to gain a better understanding childhood trauma- the ways in which it could affect our children,what we can do as caregivers to assist, continue to encourage, let our children know and feel that we are on their side.

  88. carmen FORT WORTH, TX

    Helpful course

  89. Olga ORLANDO, FL

    i thank you for provide training very necessary to know

  90. Corina MESA, AZ

    I absolutely loved this training!

  91. Erin POWELL, WY

    I truly enjoyed this course and feel like I obtained a lot of knowledge that I will be able to find useful in the future. Thank you!

  92. Penny MADISON, IN

    I really learned some key information.

  93. Stephanie ENGLEWOOD, FL

    Great resouce

  94. Colynda SNELLVILLE, GA

    I learned a great deal of information that I will definitely use professionally and personally.

  95. Madhulika ENGLEWOOD, CO

    Nice explanations

  96. Marissa OGDEN, UT

    I really like how this program allows you to take the courses at your own pace and the fact that you can return to where you last left off

  97. Somers ALLIANCE, OH

    loved it

  98. patricia FARMINGTON, MI

    I have learned so much through these training which helps me in working with children and parent’s.

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